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Bodrum, a world-renowned top holiday destination in Turkey, is a peninsula located in the southwest Aegean Region. Bodrum which is a district of Mugla is considered as paradise for tourists featuring charming neighborhoods, various ancient sites for sightseeing, exquisite bays, turquoise sea, mild Mediterranean climate, modern transportation and a vibrant night life. The city’s developed transportation infrastructure and port which welcomes international cruise liners also plays an important role in attracting millions of tourists.

In the ancient Greek, Bodrum was called Halicarnassus. Halicarnassus was especially famous for housing Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, Bodrum Castle overlooks the harbour and the marina. Inside the castle is a museum of underwater archaeology. The castle hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year.

Bodrum is Turkey’s most vibrant Turquoise Coast. The magnificent long coastline has secluded bays, splendid coves and numerous wonders of nature. Bodrum Marina which is among the most sophisticatedly designed marinas in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas serves as a perfect environment for both tourists and yacht operators who are ready to whisk you away into the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. With a handful of ancient attractions for sightseeing, Bodrum is filled with photogenic, old, whitewashed houses.

Scuba diving and daily boat tours are very popular among tourists and the harbour is one of the busiest stops for popular blue voyage yacht charters that run along the southern coast of Turkey. The Bodrum Cup is an international event for classic sailing boats coming from all over the world and it is one of the rare regattas in the world in which yachts can race with guests on board.

Bodrum’s town center has some of the best night clubs in the country as well as a designated bar street. If you are not a fan of partying, then you can do what the locals do and indulge yourself with delicate Aegean cuisine. You can enjoy delicious seafood in various seaside fish restaurants.

Explore the most popular seven bays of Bodrum Gümüşlük









Gumusluk, a unique bay overlooking the Aegean Sea, has recently become one of the most popular destinations in Bodrum. With its natural ambience, Gumusluk is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, water sports, and fine dining. As you arrive at Gumusluk, the amiable village warmly welcomes you with its farmers market where you can buy handcrafted ceramics, dried gourd lanterns, unique souvenirs, hand crafted jewelry and many more mementos. The windmills, the white houses in the old Karakaya village complete the picturesque view of the bay. Rabbit Island, one of the most popular spots on the Bodrum Peninsula stretches out through King Road and Koyunbaba Island with its unique nature and beach. This small fishing town, Gumusluk has a rich and colorful cultural texture offering the best fish restaurants in the region. In the summer season, Gümüşlük hosts a classical music festival including concerts by world-renowned artists and several exhibitions. Gumusluk is also known to have one of the most beautiful sunsets on the peninsula. Watching the sunset, sitting on tables placed in the shallow sea, your feet inside the water and enjoying the delicious mezes and seafood served…You will most certainly have the most amazing sunset experience at Gumusluk.








An 18-kilometer drive from the center of Bodrum, Yalıkavak lies on the northwestern tip of the Bodrum peninsula which became a popular destination for blue voyages along the Turkish Riviera. Over the past few years, Yalikavak has become one of the most luxurious destinations on the Turquoise Coast and a popular destination for expats as well as anyone seeking one of the fanciest marinas in the world. Surrounded by beautiful blue seas, Yalıkavak is the perfect spot to enjoy sun and sea without the crowded beaches. Yalıkavak Marina is a beautiful complex welcoming yacht offering superyacht facilities, gourmet restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, entertainment venues and other amenities appealing to not only yachters but also tourists and locals.










Türkbükü, a spacious bay along the northern coast of the Bodrum peninsula is undoubtedly one of Bodrum's most popular tourist destination. Two coastal villages, Gölköy and Türkbükü came together and formed the wonderful green village that is today called Göltürkbükü. You can see tangerine trees almost everywhere. Türkbükü has a well-protected harbor ringed with high hills containing a number of luxury hotels and holiday villas. The town is situated at the ancient Greek town, Caryanda, the birthplace of the 6th-5th c. BCE. There are numerous bars, restaurants and clubs lined up the shore, tempting tourists with the flavors of fine cuisine.







Situated on the northeast Bodrum, Torba Bay is another well-established summer destination close to the town center. Torba Bay prides itself with its numerous luxury hotels and resorts offering stunning bays, pine forests and beautiful beaches. Torba Bay has a long history going back to the Leleg era about 2500 years ago; the remains of an old Lelegian tomb on a hill overlooking the village, as well as the ruins of an old monastery to the eastern end of the bay can be seen.



Gündoğan Bay is situated on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula and located between Göltürkbükü and Yalıkavak Bays. This bay is one of the most silent and peaceful places on Bodrum peninsula offering an amazing landscape and view. It has one of the longest beaches in the region. You can enjoy a constant soft breeze on this horseshoe shaped bay. Gündoğan is a popular water sports destination and houses various amenities for windsurfing, paragliding, snorkeling, jet skiing, fishing, and sailing enthusiasts.





Named after famous Ottoman Greek Admiral Turgut Reis (1485 – 1565), who was also known as Dragut in the West, Turgutreis Bay is the second largest bay town on the Bodrum peninsula and a major center for commerce. It is also one of the most popular summer vacation spots with its extensive sandy beaches, watersports facilities, delicious fish restaurants, local bazaars and vibrant night life. D-Marin Turgutreis which is only 20 kilometers from Bodrum is an award-winning marina village and heliport, combining the lifestyle benefits of yachting, Blue Point facilities, premium boutiques, art galleries and restaurants, creating an elegant seaside atmosphere to appeal select visitors.


Kadıkalesi is small coastal town with a few resorts and a small sandy beach situated in the western part of the Peninsula, nestled halfway between Turgutreis and Gümüşlük. Akyarlar which is located 10 km from Turgutreis attracts attention with its unique beautiful bays, beaches and windsurfing schools. Kadıkalesi and Akyarlar are known as two of the world’s most popular windsurfing hotspots. Turgutreis is rather highly populated compared to other Bodrum towns since people live here throughout the whole year. As there are various accommodation options, it is a convenient place to settle. However, tourists prefer smaller towns for summer vacations since they tend to think smaller towns reflect more character.











Heading west from the city center of Bodrum; the first village you come across is Gümbet. The small village surrounded by pine tree filled mountains and a glittering topaz-blue bay, offers a serene environment for tourists. It is also a perfect holiday destination with various all-inclusive hotels, resorts, holiday-villages, shops, restaurants and other facilities. The Aquarium Cove which is famous for its stunning turquoise sea is stretched between Bitez and Gumbet. The Cove is frequently visited by daily excursion boats coming from nearby ports. If you like scuba diving, then Aquarium Cove is the perfect place for you. Aquarium Cove offers a variety of aquatic experiences especially for divers. The divers will get the chance to enjoy the pristine reef paradise, warm water, consistently good visibility, various species of fish, corals and other sea animals that are abundant underwater. Aquarium Cove is not only the best diving spot in the Aegean Sea, but also one of the best scuba diving spots in Turkey.

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